For decades we have striven to blend the pedigrees of the Old Fred family of horses; using only those individuals that are both pretty to look at and athletic enough to get any job done. We have culled vigorously for disposition to compliment their abilities. We are very proud of our "people horses." We offer cooled semen and live cover.


Cordochrome is a family-raised and working stallion. He is one of our top working and roping ranch horses that the whole family enjoys along with being our main stud we use here at Taylor Creek Ranch. His lines go back many years here at our family ranch. He has produced halter, roping, and of course, all-around ranch horses! He has been out-producing himself, and that is what we look for in every horse we raise, always trying to improve our horses with every breeding season!



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Customer Service Guarantee

At Taylor Creek Ranch, we guarantee that we will do our best to be on top of our customer service! We will respond as quickly as possible, and be as flexible as possible to show horses to potential buyers. We will work around any problems that arise, and work with our clients through thick and thin, to get to the wanted solution. No matter what, Taylor Creek Ranch will put your needs first!