PEMF is a new business I have invested in to help better care for our own horses as well as people and their animals around us. PEMF emits pulse of magnetic energy, similar to the healthy energy already occurring in the body. The magnetic energy waves penetrate the body oxygenating the blood refueling the cells and relieving painful swelling, which improves body ability to heal.
-reduction of inflammation
-improves circulation
-injury recovery and wound healing
-pain reduction
-improved sleep and relaxation
-increase energy and much more


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Delta, CO 81416, US

Customer Service Guarantee

At Taylor Creek Ranch, we guarantee that we will do our best to be on top of our customer service! We will respond as quickly as possible, and be as flexible as possible to show horses to potential buyers. We will work around any problems that arise, and work with our clients through thick and thin, to get to the wanted solution. No matter what, Taylor Creek Ranch will put your needs first!