Our broodmares are used to produce a new crop of foals each year.  On the years that they are not bred, they are used as ranch horses, as most of them are broke. They produce well-bred, high quality foals that will go on in life to succeed in whatever career you choose to train them in! Foals for sale will be listed on the sales page.

URA Skippa Print

URA Skippa Print is one of the few horses on our ranch that came to us not broke, so she has been a broodmare for us. She produces top-dollar roping horses in the show world, and has a pedigree that goes back to some outstanding slipper performance horses!


Secret Rainy Place

Secret Rainy Place aka "Rainy" is a solid ranch horse that has drug many calves to the fire. She has proven to be a top producer!


Barbra Rose

Barbra Rose is a gentle giant that has always and will always be a kids horse. She is one of our favorite mares to be around!


Mexicali Bells

Bells is big and powerful , with a long, pretty neck that she uses to her advantage to turn a cow. You can cover lots of ground and get any job done on her! She has produced foals with the same cow sense, and we plan to use them on the ranch.


Summers Print

Summers Print is another mare that came to us not broke, so she became one of our broodmares on our ranch. She is sired by some great producers, and foals successful roping horses quite often! She has an outstanding pedigree that goes back to some great slipper performance horses!


Stop Stylin'

When people say that red heads have more fire, this mare is proof of that statement! Nothing scares her and she has no quit in her body.  This young mare goes where others don't and has her ears pinned the whole way trying to bite a cow. She is sure-footed and always watches out for her rider.  When we take the baby out riding, this is the mare we choose to ride because we know she will take care of us!


Spring Kim

Spring Kim is yet another mare that didn't come to our ranch broke.  However, she is extremely sweet, and she will let you sit on her whenever! She is an all-around great minded mare, and thinks through everything she does before doing it.


Mexicali Promise

Mexicali Promise is a true all around mare. Promise has been used many miles on the ranch and can turn a cow on a dime! In her younger years she was used in rodeos and was always one to catch your eye.  She has since retired to a broodmare and is producing her fancy head and neck on everyone!


Cool Ellie Splash

Cool Ellie Splash is a full sister to Lucy Ann Splash. She is a western pleasure show horse that anyone can ride, and this year will be her first year putting a foal on the ground!


Lucy Ann Splash

Lucy Ann Splash is a full sister to Cool Ellie Splash. She is a western pleasure show horse that anyone can ride, and this year will be her first year putting a foal on the ground! 


Mexicali Paloma

Mexicali Paloma aka "Paloma" is big and stout. We refer to her as one of our "tanks," because you can point her in any direction and she will go without a second thought.

Now Deceased


Mexicali Sonsa 

Mexicali Sonsa aka "Sonsa" is the only daughter we have of Paloma, and she shows it with everything she does. She inherited all of her mothers traits, including the stoutness! She is so powerful that she will just move anything in her way. 



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Customer Service Guarantee

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