Welcome to Taylor Creek Ranch

At Taylor Creek Ranch we offer quality horses at stud, and quality broodmares to carry and deliver healthy, athletic, and pretty looking babies. We also offer foals and horses for sale every  year. At Taylor Creek Ranch, we strive to work with our customers and help them get the best product possible! Cellaide helps us achieve this, so be sure to check out our page for more details!

brown horse on green grass field during daytime

About Me

I have been riding and raising horses since I can remember. My grandfather Joe Taylor raised me and he taught me everything I know. Our focus at Taylor Creek Ranch is to always produce good-minded, athletic, and pretty horses. We have used them in halter, roping, barrels, pleasure, and of course, just as ranch horses helping us raise our family of cattle and our own children! We believe each horse is present for a purpose and bred for better each time.


582 1600 Rd
Delta, CO, 81416, US

Customer Service Guarantee

At Taylor Creek Ranch, we guarantee that we will do our best to be on top of our customer service! We will respond as quickly as possible, and be as flexible as possible to show horses to potential buyers. We will work around any problems that arise, and work with our clients through thick and thin, to get to the wanted solution. No matter what, Taylor Creek Ranch will put your needs first!