Cellaide Mineral has changed my life and the way I care for my horses forever!! Being a horse breeder, you see so many things that will absolutely crush you. From losing foals, foundering horses, gut issues, pain that we just can't figure out or give relief for, ulcers, flakey cracked hooves, to  over feeding to try and keep them "fat" and feeling their best... You name it, I'm sure we've seen it. Cellaide mineral is the ONLY product I have used that has worked for all of these issues and more. It is completely natural and gives your horses the mineral balance they need. In all of the processed feed and extra molasses that you feed, your horses are not getting what they need, and their bodies are working so hard to break down all the feed you give them, causing more problems than you realize. My horses are healthier and happier in every way, I feed less and maintain the body weight I want. If your having problems you can't figure out or just want to help your horses feel their best and perform at their top level please contact me. My hope is that all horse owners will try this and see for themselves how wonderful it really is!

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Customer Service Guarantee

At Taylor Creek Ranch, we guarantee that we will do our best to be on top of our customer service! We will respond as quickly as possible, and be as flexible as possible to show horses to potential buyers. We will work around any problems that arise, and work with our clients through thick and thin, to get to the wanted solution. No matter what, Taylor Creek Ranch will put your needs first!